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The SAOL Project Aftercare group is a person-centred, community based programme for women at all stages in their recovery from drug addiction.  We'll put more details in here about all of the groups, but here is an initial list:

  • Reduce the Use

  • Drama

  • Hep C Support and training

  • Life After Forty

  • Ukulele

  • Addiction studies

  • Mother and Baby Group

  • Shush

  • Serious group

  • Yoga and Nutrition:  One of our many classes we provide is Yoga. There are many benefits from practicing yoga. Physically it can improve your flexibility and balance it builds strength. It improves your heart health; it helps with ongoing problems such as arthritis and back pain; it helps you maintain your weight and has many benefits with regard to mental health as it helps you deal with stress in a positive way. Nutrition is an important one of many topics we explore regarding living a healthy lifestyle.  It is important in your everyday life where their are many benefits regarding your physical and mental health.

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