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Volunteering at SAOL

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The SAOL Project is proud to provide a seven-day service for its participants. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Project offers a brunch service for women and their children, where they can enjoy food, activities and a safe space in which to relax and socialise.

Brunches run from 12 to 2.30pm and are helmed by a team of volunteers and a staff coordinator. The team works together to serve a Saturday fry-up or Sunday roast, while activities are chosen week-on-week based on the volunteers’ interests and have included board games, art, bingo, Pictionary, and Zumba dancing!

No cooking experience is required, instead volunteers are asked to commit to two sessions a month, and to bring their enthusiasm and welcoming spirit.

For enquiries or interest in applying please contact the volunteer coordinator at:

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From the 'Brunchers'

"It's very nice to think that people will give up their time to come and help us.  And it's such a lovely atmosphere here on a Saturday and Sunday.  You wouldn't think it but the weekend is so long sometimes, most of the times, and knowing that you have somewhere to come and meet people and have a bit of a laugh, well, it means the world, it really does."

"I'm not over-exaggerating but the number of times I'd have gone and got something but had the Brunch to come to and so didn't - you've no idea.  you think you're just providing something to eat but it's much more than that.  For me it's a lifesaver."

"As long as you can cook sausages properly - like, nearly black - then you're welcome!  I'm only messing.  We love having volunteers coming in and bringing new skills and ways of looking at things.  we love them all - but especially the ones who can cook the sausages right."

Student Placements

If you are a student

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