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Hello, my name is Sailor

My name is Sailor.  I'm Saol's new dog.  That's why I'm called Sailor.  But if I'd spelled my name as it's supposed to be (Saoler), you'd never pronounce it right!  Sowl-ler.  And then I wouldn't come when I'm called!

I put the cute picture here.  That is a picture from my first day in SAOL and it was about 6 months ago, so I'm much bigger now.

I work in the Children's Project with all my little friends there; and then I also attend some of the group meetings.  I particularly like the CE Group, BRIO, DAVINA and the Serious Group.  I want to go to the UChoose groups but as most of them happen in the other building, I'm not allowed to cross the road on my own (yet!)

I come in to SAOL about 2 days each week but as I'm getting bigger, I'm going to come in more often.

Come in and meet me if you have time.  If you're coming specifically to meet me, ring the office first to check that I'm here.

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All About Sailor

We in SAOL know all about how dogs help us and wanted to share the love of a dog with the children in SAOL Beag and with all the women who come in to us. As a result, we went in search of a dog with a placid nature and a loving, playful spirit and we found Sailor. 

Sailor is a pet dog; she provides relief for those with anxiety, brings comfort to those who are grieving or lonely, and offers affection to children who might be finding that today is a tough day. She bring many physical benefits to us here in SAOL; she lowers blood pressure and heart rates, reduces our anxiety, and increases levels of endorphins. It’s not a one-way street, as we hope that Sailor profits from her work here.  She's certainly getting lots of love and affection directed back to her.

Sailor lends comfort and affection to everyone in SAOL, where we sometimes need a paw when dealing with our problems. Sailor is not, however, a service dog, (who provide a specific service for a person with special needs) and she is not a trained 'emotional support animal'.  We will get Sailor some specific training as she gets older but for now she is a puppy sharing her love with us all.

Some pictures

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