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This page is a celebration of our recovery journeys.  We want to share with you the incredible changes we have made in our lives, the changes some of us never thought we would make.  The stories don't all end in drug-free bliss, this is real life after all.  Instead, they will tell of the struggles, the inspirations and goals we have achieved.

We have changed names and some of the places (just to protect the anonymity of all involved) but these are our stories.  Recovery happens and can happen for you.  If we are doing it, so can you!

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Recovery Cards

September is Recovery Month and this year SAOL has been busy creating 'Recovery Greeting Cards'.  Nobody hesitates sending birthday cards or Christmas cards; but recognising the amazing changes that people in recovery have made to their lives is not done: until now!  We have made a range of cards which you can access from SAOL and send to the people you love and the people who need a boost this Recovery Month.  

You can take a look at some of our cards and decide which of the 12 options you would like to send.  


Recovery Stories

We will be adding stories throughout September, so please stay with us and check-in to read about our recovery Journeys.  Click on the picture above to link to the stories.

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Celebrating Recovery Month

We will be adding pictures and text on all our activities celebrating recovery month 2021, so please keep watching us here and on Facebook.

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