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Community Employment
aka 'The C.E. Programme'

For Women who Want More for their Recovery

What does CE stand for? 

C.E.= Certified Education:  We run courses at levels 3, 4 and 5 for CE participants and at the moment, courses are in maths, art, personal development and addiction studies.  We also help people access courses in topics that interest them with both on-line and local colleges.

C.E = Caring Environment:  As a special CE programme, the 'special' refers to the care and support given to each participant as they try to make positive changes to their life.  We guarantee kindness, fun and as much support as you need as you make the changes you need to make so that your life is as you want it. 

C.E. = Can-do Experiences: Did you ever think you could sing in public, or speak at a conference or become a peer worker or act on stage?  Well, neither did most of the people who join our CE group and yet, that's what they end up doing!  Did you think about getting stable in your drug use (or even drug free) while also planning on going to college or work placement and getting all of your everyday problems sorted.  When you're in the middle of your addiction and struggling with Social Workers or Probation Officers or Court dates or child care or homelessness (or any mix of all the above), being able to make a change seems a lifetime away.  Yet it's possible and we can help you get there.


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