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Saol Project

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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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Project Aims and Objectives

To be a place of recovery for all women with addiction issues in the NICDTF area

Mission Statement

SAOL is a community project focussed on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty.

Vision Statement 

SAOL is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

Strategic Plan

We are:





We will continue to represent our participants (where they are not empowered to represent themselves) at local and national settings.


SAOL will continue to be involved in fora that lead to influencing policy in favour of our participants.

We will continue to advocate on the specific needs of our current participants.


We will continue to advocate on the general needs of women in addiction at both local and national levels.


All staff will, as appropriate and within the confines of our staffing resources, be supported in representing the voices of women in addiction at local and national level through presence at meetings, joining committees and attending conferences. 


SAOL will continue to make staff available for policy-based committees


SAOL will continue to raise the issue of poverty among its participants as a critical block to stability and recovery.


SAOL will, by end of 2016, explore training for staff in a human-rights based approach to addiction so that we can better represent our participants in the fora we attend.


SAOL will actively promote on concerns relating to women with specific attention to non-addiction related heath issues; recidivism and support for women after prison; and access to services that are cognisant of the particular needs of mothers.


SAOL will meet with HSE, Probation Service and Voluntary/community sectors during 2016 to actively respond to

·         Matters relating to sexual health

·         Greater awareness of recidivism for women

·         Cancer and women

·         Detoxification for mothers


A Children’s Centre

To continue to build a safe environment within which children can grow, develop and learn.


To enhance our data-base so that comprehensive individual care plans are avialable for all children attending SAOL by January 2016


To continue to pass all inspections by the HSE.


To continue to fully comply with legislation relating to child protection.


To develop appropriate parenting programmes to assist families raising children where addiction is a problem being addressed


To implement a ‘Parenting Under Pressure’ programme in SAOL and make it available to families using the Children’s Project by April 2016

To increase our service hours from part-time to three-quarter-time by summer 2016.


Increased hours and service provision available for each child in the SAOL Beag

A Community Asset

To continue to create and publish resources for professionals working in the addiction area; all will be written for women while also being  usable with men and young people.


To publish at least one document/manual per year and to make it freely available for download from our website.

To continue publishing creative documents that enhance the lives and experiences of the participants of SAOL

To publish at least one document/manual per year and to make it freely available for download from our website as well as, cost allowing, prinitng copies for participants to own and bring to their families.


To be a resource to the local community and wider addiction-related fields as a source of expertise on issues relating to women, addiction and recovery.


To provide on-going training (as demand requests, to a maximum of 10 days of training per year) and conferences on topics relating to women, addiction and recovery.  At least one conference will be hosted per year by SAOL on thee topics during the life of this strategic plan.



SAOL will continue to provide socially appropriate education programmes for women; this will include challenging the current perception that all education programmes should be geared towards labour activation.


To continue to be able to record the provision of both accredited and therapeuitc group work programmes to an increasing number of women.


We will promote the needs of participants in recovery over and above the needs of labour activation by XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


We will also continue to keep community and feminist approaches to the fore of our educational approach.







Participant/Peer Informed

We will continue to have participant involvement at all levels of the project.

We will re-activate participant membership of the Board of Management by Novemebr 2015.


We will continue to have active meeting with all after-care and CE participants regarding the topics/activities for education programmes.


We will increase involvement of  parents in the development of the Children’s Centre through a series of formal meetings; this will be in place by January 2016.


We will develop peer specific training programmes and give practical experience to peer participants in the delivery of education programmes with their peers.


We will activate a new peer-training programme (over and above programmes already developed for Hep C awareness) by April 2016.

We will continue to promote the voice of women in addiction services with those self-same women and create as many opportunities for their voices to be heard as possible.

We will bring participants to conferences and meetings wherever possible and request an invite for them where they are not intially invited.  We will record all occassions where this process has been both successful and unsuccessful and report on these experiences.


Trauma Informed Carers

SAOL will become a Trauma Informed Care centre.

All staff are trained in ‘Trauma Informed Care’ and we will implement the ‘Seeking Safety’ (Najavits) programme by January 2016.


Trauma will become a topic regularly discussed by SAOL (staff and participants) and will be ‘normalised’ within the Project.

All assessments will screen for PTSD by January 2016.


A conference on the topic of trauma in addiction will be hosted by SAOL during the lifetime of this strategy.


SAOL will endeavour to ‘trauma-proof’ addiction services and policies and make comment where it finds ‘re-traumatising’ practices in evidence.

SAOL will begin by trauma-proofing our own services (to be completed by January 2016).


We will attend to the new national drugs strategy and comment on both its gender-proofing and re-traumamatising elements.


We will promote, through our website, a trauma-proofing checklist for all services to examine their own pracitces.

Other guiding objectives:

Participant Objectives

Inter-agency Objectives

Strategic Objectives

Childcare Objectives

Aftercare Objectives

You can view a brief history of all that SAOL did over its first 20 years by clicking here.


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