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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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It's Time to Talk - Tuesday March 5th, 2013

As part of our 18th birthday celebrations and to honour International Women's Day, SAOL has joined forces with UISCE to bring the women who use our drug and alcohol services together to talk about their experiences.

This is the first time women service users will have the opportunity to come together (without men) to talk about what it is like being a woman in drug and alcohol services (and other services too); the intention is that this will lead to greater awareness and thereby improved services for women in the future.

The meeting will start at 10:45 and will go on until 1:00. Tea/Coffee and snacks will be provided and if we can arrange it without too much cost, some gentle holistic treatments will also be available.

Discussion topics will emerge from some open-ended questions for groups and then feedback will be given to the whole group.

A report on the day will be published in Brass Munkie (I think!) and any actions arising from the meeting will be decided on the day - and brought forward by UISCE and SAOL.

We hope that Projects will do two things:

  1. Promote the event by word of mouth and displaying the attached poster in your service and alerting the women to its existence
  2. Where possible, assist in getting the women of your service to Liberty Hall on 5th March 2013 for an 10:45am - 1:00pm.

For further details, please contact Gary/Ger at SAOL (01 8553391/3) or Ruaidhri/Emily in UISCE (8733799)

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