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Saol Project

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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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Education Programme

What is the SAOL education programme about?

SAOL is about providing women with a second chance at education as many of our participants left school early. We believe it is crucial for women in recovery from addiction to explore their full potential by focusing on their educational needs. We also believe that education is a valuable tool to escape poverty and addiction. We make the education programme as relevant as possible to participants’ lives. The programme provides a mix of certified (FETAC) and non-certified learning in an all-round education programme with a focus on personal development.

What is FETAC?

FETAC is a way for adult learners to build qualifications gradually. A FETAC certificate is increasingly recognised by employers and as a gateway to further education and college studies. Participants do two subjects at a time, for two mornings a week. Over two years they will have the opportunity to study between five and eight subjects. FETAC subjects are assessed by project work rather than exams and give adult learners the chance to enjoy a group learning atmosphere which is very different from school. The current FETAC programme we offer provides optional modules which were chosen by the participants: these have included Historical Studies, Understanding Inter-culturalism, Drama, IT, Child Development and Play and Self-Advocacy, Cookery and Nutrition, Music Appreciation, Introduction to Computers and the Internet and Community Development. Visit our News Page to see photographs of, among other things, recent graduations.

What other learning takes place in SAOL?

Computer RoomThe other two mornings a week are spent on personal development. The SAOL education programme - which is designed in consultation with participants - has included Addiction Studies, Social Studies, art and drawing, Tai Chi, Salsa dancing, poetry and creative writing, photography, role-playing, women’s health, relaxation, alternative therapies, cultural outings, work experience and more. As well as morning classes, SAOL participants are offered two supervised afternoons a week in which to do catch-up work or homework. They are also offered literacy support during this time. Participants are encouraged to work on computers, and to take responsibility for their own learning. We emphasise learning by doing, and having fun in the process. Click here to see pictures of some of the art work produced by the participants and read some of their poetry and short stories. Our Education support worker will be happy to give you further details of our current programme.

Take a look at the two sub-pages of this Web-Page - namely 'Creativity' and 'Peer-to-Peer' - to see some of the art-work and read some of the stories created by the participants of the SAOL Project.

SAOL wins the Aontas Award for 'Promoting the Learner Voice', 2017 »

SAOL wins the Aontas Award for 'Promoting the Learner Voice', 2017 SAOL is delighted to announce that we won the Aontas Star Award for 'Promoting the Learner voice' on Monday 6th March, 2017.

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Saol at the Abbey »

Saol at the Abbey Over the last 6 weeks, SAOL C.E. group, along with six students from Theatre Studies from Colaiste Dhulaigh, has been attending workshops run by Veronica Dyas as part of the Abbey Community Outreach Programme.

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Poetry »

Poetry The SAOL Sisters took part in a number of workshops with the Abbey Theatre in June and July 2013 - and they led to the creation of 'Wordplay' - a street performance piece of poetry and rap.

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Services Timetable »

    Services Timetable Our weekly timetable is available here

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Peer to Peer »

Peer to Peer This page is dedicated to the words and wisdom of our participants - written to pass on ideas, thoughts and concerns to fellow travellers on the road to recovery in the hope that their experience will inspire, warn and guide others.

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Creativity »

Creativity A selection of work our participants have produced.

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