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Cocaine Project

Saol continues to work with polydrug use but contrary to common belief, cocaine remains a significant issue for the participants of this project. Coming in the form of both cocaine and crack (and ignoring those who have issues with other stimulatns), it is a significant probelm for 18% of our particpants; and a secondary problem for further 20%. This does not include those participants who are facing daily issues due to the cocaine/crack use of concerned others.

Cocaine Relapse Worksheets

Click to Download the Cocaine Relapse Worksheets This resource was designed for individuals who want to get help dealing with their cocaine use. It was devised for people who can make a commitment to work with a drugs worker over a number of sessions (3 – 6). The worksheets will identify client triggers, put practical plans in place in order to avoid these and give clients the skills to stop their cocaine use.

These can be downloaded below

Cocaine CD

This CD briefly covers the same topics as the Cocaine Relapse Worksheets. It can be used in conjunction with the worksheets or as a stand alone resource for clients with low literacy levels or who do not engage regularly with services.

These can be downloaded below, or contact the project for more information.